The Live Music Office is engaged in projects across Australia to develop and support live music. We work with stakeholders on short, medium and long term strategies to increase the sustainability of the live music industry.

Building culture, community and economy

Live and Local is an event model established by the Live Music Office to promote live music in communities. It brings together local venues, businesses, musicians and the public for an event in their community that creates opportunities for employment and cultural development.

Rather than a stand-alone event, Live and Local works with existing venues to showcase local artists. Retail outlets, cafes and restaurants are transformed into temporary live music spaces and local providers of equipment such as lighting and sound are hired. It’s a chance for the public to experience what their local live music scene has to offer, while businesses can witness first-hand the impact live music has on their revenue. And for musicians, it’s a well paid gig that can lead to future opportunities.

Live and Local Strategic Initiative

Our Live and Local Strategic Initiative provides funding to local councils for the promotion of more live music at a grassroots level.

In 2017/2018 we’ve worked with a dozen councils across Western Sydney and Regional NSW to provide jobs for musicians and opportunities for audiences to create vibrant communities.

We’ve helped councils facilitate a family friendly, local music event for local musicians using the Live and Local micro-festival event model.