About Us

Goals & Strategies

The goals of the Live Music Office are to support the growth of the venue-based live music sector in Australia to:

(1)     Increase live music performance opportunities;

(2)    Support live music audience and sector development.

We seek to achieve these goals through the following strategies:

  • Support dialogue between stakeholders
  • Collate and share information amongst stakeholders
  • Identify and promote best practice policy
  • Work with local stakeholders to implement reform

The Live Music Office is focused on policy, information and the development of strategy across the music sector.

We aim to provide:

  • Regulatory and policy guidance.
  • Best practice references and templates.
  • Methodologies for engagement and to progress reform.
  • Position papers and summaries of policy areas.
  • Dissemination of information related to the music sector.
  • Support for local stakeholders engaged in policy reforms and sector development.
  • Research direction, strategy and coordination.
  • Tools and initiatives related to sector mapping.

By encouraging dialogue, we aim to identify policy solutions which, working with local stakeholders, can be implemented to achieve greater opportunities for the live music sector.