The Live Music Office is pleased to announce the appointment of Clayton Ries to the role of Live Music Programming Coordinator. Clayton has a strong background in both the live music industry and the hospitality sector and we look forward to him bringing his knowledge and skill set to the pilot project.

The Live Music Office, Music NSW and APRA AMCOS have partnered to deliver the 12-month pilot project to support the growth of the local live music industry.

Local government funding initiatives from City of Sydney, Leichhardt and Marrickville have enabled the appointment. Providing tailored site-specific guidance to both new and existing venues, ensuring that live music presented by business owners is appropriate to their space and business model.

Clayton will be responsible for working with the Live Music Office, Music NSW and APRA AMCOS to develop and deliver a program of best practice venue management training and advice. Working one-on-one with bars, restaurants, and other small businesses in inner city Sydney and the inner west to help them explore and establish financially sustainable live music and performance programming within their venue. The role will also work with existing live music venues that want to optimise their programming or get up-to-date best practice information on live music programming.

The pilot project is overseen by a steering committee, consisting of representatives from Live Music Office, Music NSW, APRA AMCOS and representatives of government funding partners the City of Sydney, Leichhardt Municipal Council and Marrickville Council.

Pilot project structure and key objectives:

Develop and implement a 12-week pilot business advice program focused on the introduction or optimisation of live music and performance programming. The program will include best-practice advice on topics such as:

  • Live music production, including equipment, sound and staging options
  • Connecting with the music community, building partnerships and booking talent
  • Ticketing
  • Marketing, promotion and audience development
  • Licensing, administration and financial management
  • Engaging with all-ages or underage audiences
  • Other information resources

Work one-on-one with a range of business types to deliver three rounds of the 12-week program across the pilot period, engaging eight businesses in each round. In addition to the provision of bespoke advice as described above, the role will be responsible for:

  • Introducing and facilitating relationships with artist agents and booking agencies suitable to the aims and resources of the business
  • Facilitating relationships with government stakeholders, where required.
  • Working with businesses as they implement programming or programming changes

Project monitoring and data reporting will be collated across the pilot project for evaluation through a research position paper developed by the Live Music Office.

The role covers new and existing venues in the following local government areas:

  • City of Sydney
  • Marrickville
  • Leichhardt

If you have any further questions or wish to participate in the pilot project please email Damian Cunningham –