A new social video has been launched as part of Live Performance Australia’s ongoing consumer education campaign about the potential dangers of buying tickets online.

‘Online ticketing scams are a scourge for our industry, and LPA wants to make sure consumers are aware of
the risks,’ said LPA Chief Executive Evelyn Richardson.

The video is a companion to the LPA ‘Safe Tix Guide’ and Consumer Guide: Buying and Selling Tickets in the
Ticket Resale Market.

It includes some straightforward tips on how to avoid getting ripped off online.

‘There are rogue operators including some big name outfits based overseas who are ripping off our
consumers, performers and producers. ‘Better consumer education is an important part of the campaign to combat the problem. It’s also really
important that anyone that buys fake tickets reports them to their local office of fair trading or consumer
affairs. We also suggest they warn their friends and share our video on social media,’ Ms Richardson said.

In addition to industry-led consumer awareness campaigns, LPA is also working with government at the state
and federal level to improve regulations to protect consumers.

‘Cracking down on the ticket resale scammers requires a comprehensive and coordinated approach from
government and industry,’ Ms Richardson said.

The video file can be accessed here or via Youtube here.