AMIN (Australian Music Industry Network) would like to announce the appointment of new Chair Joel Edmondson (QMusic), Deputy Chair Emily Collins (Music NSW) and Secretary Lisa Bishop (Music SA). The new appointments follow AMIN’s recent AGM, held in Hobart in late February.

Outgoing Chair Patrick Donovan (Music Victoria) and Secretary Mark Smith (Music NT) were thanked for their tireless and enduring efforts in their roles over the past 3 years. Donovan’s leadership of AMIN has seen some significant outcomes for the Australian music industry, including an industry-wide discount scheme with AMIN travel partner Travel Beyond, as well as the successful ‘I Love Live Music’ music video competition. Patrick is an indefatigable advocate for Australian music and will continue to exert a positive influence over the direction of music in this country.

AMIN is the coalition of Australia’s state-based music industry development associations. It believes strongly in the need for a unified approach to leading cultural change across the Australian music industry. Coordination of culture change activities across the national industry will now become AMIN’s number one priority, and the organisation will over the next few months be seeking partnership with other nationally representative organisations committed to this same goal.

Ministry of the Arts funding for AMIN’s hugely successful RELEASE and CONTROL programs has now ceased. AMIN will now seek funding for a new program of professional development linked to its new strategic focus of improving the culture of the Australian music industry.

For more information, please contact AMIN chair Joel Edmondson on (07) 3257 0013