The MDO Live Music Support Program provides financial support to established live music  enterprises, which includes dedicated live music venues and event promoters, and professional touring artists.

The purpose of the program is to enable eligible music businesses to invest in costs associated with planning and presenting live music so that venues, promoters and artists are ready to open and perform as border and trading restrictions allow.  

Key dates
Friday 29 October 2021 Round opens

Wednesday 3 November 2021 Information session

Friday 19 November 2021 Closing date

The objective of the MDO Live Music Support Program is to enable South Australia’s live music industry to be ‘matchfit’ and ready for when live music and touring resumes with the reopening of borders and easing of COVID19 restrictions, the assessment of applications will be through a competitive process with decisions made by a panel which will include industry representatives.

The Live Music Support Program will inject up to $3 million into South Australia’s live music industry to ensure the home of Australia’s only designated UNESCO City of Music is ready to  amp up postpandemic.

For more information visit the South Australian Music Development Office Live Music Support Program Homepage