APRA AMCOS and the Live Music Office are currently seeking Expressions of Interest from local councils to participate in Live and Local – a Live Music Development program for local communities.

Live and Local is a comprehensive capacity building program which seeks to strengthen the ecology of local grassroots live music communities. APRA AMCOS and the Live Music Office are offering matched-funded partnership opportunities for local councils to assist them in fostering a consistent approach to best practice sustainable live music presentation, supported by better regulation and strategic policy development.

The Live and Local program supports local councils to deliver a number of key program components that are designed to increase long term live music activity, including:

  1. Better Regulation and Strategic Policy Development
  2. Establish a local music industry group
  3. Engage a Venues Liaison to engage local musicians and businesses for the program
  4.  Conduct a Live Music Census
  5. Paid employment via micro-festival events showcasing local musicians in local businesses
  6. Capacity-building with professional development events and workshops
  7. Community engagement through a dedicated Local Industry Forum

For further information please contact:

Lucy Joseph, Programs and Engagement Manager, Live Music Office

0439 420 882


OneMusic License for Councils

Council’s OneMusic License allows you support growth of live music activity within your local community, and the Live and Local program is the ideal avenue for exploring those opportunities.

For more information on Council OneMusic Licenses, visit: