You are considered a private employment agent (PEA) if, in the course of carrying on business and for gain, you offer to do any of the following:

  • find casual, part-time, temporary, permanent or contract work for a person
  • find a casual, part-time, temporary, permanent or contract worker for a person
  • negotiate the terms of contract work for a model or performer
  • administer a contract for a model or performer and arrange payments under it
  • provide career advice for a model or performer.

Private employment agent in Queensland are not required to hold a licence but must comply with the Private Employment Agents (Code of Conduct) Regulation 2005

An important requirement of the Private Employment Agents Code of Conduct is that an agent must give each work seeker an information statement regarding the agent’s obligations to the work seeker and the work seeker’s rights.

If the work seeker is a model or performer, the following information statement is to be given to the work seeker:

New South Wales

Under the NSW Entertainment Industry Act 2013, there are obligations for performer representatives.

A performer representative provides services to a performer for financial benefit, under an Entertainment Industry Agreement or an Entertainment Industry Managerial Agreement. Previously performer representatives were known as agents or managers.

Money received on behalf of a performer by a performer representative that is not paid to the performer immediately must be:

  • paid to the credit of a general trust account at a bank/credit union in NSW and be held in accordance with the regulations
  • disbursed as directed by the performer within 14 days after the performer representative receives the money

A trust account must be kept exclusively for the purpose of money received on behalf of a performer.

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