What does live music mean to you?

Ever since I was 16 years old, going to gigs has been a vital part of my life personally and professionally.  The best way to describe what it means to me is to explain that if I am ever stressed or uncomfortable and walk into a busy loud live venue I start to feel relaxed and at home.
Why is live music important (generally)?

Music is the only truly universal language and it comes in many shapes and forms. But the communication between the artist and the audience in the live sphere is much more intimate and personal that in it’s other forms.
What makes for a great gig? “I love gigs where…”?

Like a great song, a great gig is all about emotional connection.  The last truly great gig I saw was a Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds show and it had everything.  Joy, sadness, danger and of course true emotional connection.

What needs to be done to encourage more live music?

Human beings need to put down their electronic devices, get off the couch, find an artist they love and pay to see them perform until they get shivers up their back.

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