Protection for live music venues

05 Sep 2014 – From the Victorian Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (DTPLI) website.

A package of reforms announced today will provide greater protection for live music venues in Victoria.

Under the ‘agent of change’ principal, a new residential development built near an existing live music venue will be responsible for noise mitigation as part of the planning process.

The same principle will apply to a new music venue or a change to an existing venue, which will be responsible for mitigating the impact of their noise on neighbours.

Other planning reforms designed to support live music venues include:

  • Cutting red tape so that live music venues smaller than 500 square metres no longer have to meet the same building code compliance measures as larger venues.
  • A $500,000 Live Music Noise Attenuation Assistance Scheme to assist venues that operate in a heritage listed building or that are not aided by the ‘agent of change’ planning reforms.

These planning reforms effectively balance the needs of the live music industry with those of residents and the broader community.

More information about the Live Music Action Agenda (PDF 132.8 KB) or (DOC 89.0 KB)

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