On Wednesday 13 August 2014 the City of Melbourne launched their live music Strategy 2014/2016 at live music venue The Toff in Town

There are a number of resources associated with this plan, including

A dedicated web page

A review of the regulatory framework related to live music venues in the City of Melbourne

The Live Music Strategy Paper


The Melbourne Music Strategy comprises of 18 key actions, that are tabled below.

  • Continue to work across Council and with industry to make music more visible in Melbourne with year-round events and activities.
  • Encourage music in the city throughout the day and night while maintaining the amenity of city residents.
  • Support industry to stage family-friendly music events.
  • Work with industry to tell Melbourne’s musical story.
  • Partner with industry to promote Melbourne as a national and international music destination for music-making and investment.
  • Continue to develop Melbourne Music Week as a way of celebrating and supporting the city’s music industry.
  • Conduct an audit that identifies existing and new spaces that support music performance, collaboration and rehearsal in the City of Melbourne
  • Encourage greater collaboration between retail, hospitality and tourism businesses and local musicians.
  • Contribute to other industry and state-based initiatives to investigate the feasibility of a music hub in central Melbourne.
  • Evaluate the need to compile an industry toolkit for the music community, setting out useful information about presenting music in the City
  • Create more awareness of the City of Melbourne’s existing funding programs within the music industry.
  • Work with musicians and industry to develop mentoring programs and facilitate opportunities for the music community to work together on joint projects
  • Continue to monitor the regulatory framework governing live music venues.
  • Work with industry, other local councils and Victorian Government to support existing live music venues and encourage new music entrepreneurs.
  • Examine the need for Council to host a regular forum of key music industry stakeholders to discuss issues around live music.
  • Refine existing City of Melbourne tools and datasets to measure the economic and social contribution of the local music industry to Melbourne.
  • Continue to capture, evaluate and quantify the City of Melbourne’s existing music-related events, grants and programs.
  • Work with other national, state and city-based agencies to gather data and research the industry.