Marrickville Council’s Local Environment Plan 2011 recognises that the Marrickville area is the centre of Sydney’s independent arts scene and is home to many artists, studios, commercial art galleries, artist-run initiatives, theatres and festivals.

The LEP includes a ‘B7 Business Park’ zone that has the objective of providing for creative industries such as the arts, technology, production and design sectors. It is an employment zone that permits limited residential development in conjunction with employment uses at the ground floor.


The ‘IN2 Light Industrial’ zone will allow for certain creative industries which take the form of business premises or office premises in the arts, technology, production and design sectors.

The creative industries provided for include:

  • audio-visual, media and digital media
  • advertising
  • craft, visual arts and Indigenous arts
  • design
  • film and television
  • music
  • publishing
  • performing arts
  • cultural heritage institutions

Marrickville Council is currently investigating how to turn the fascinatingly gritty area known as Marrickville/Sydenham Industrial Lands into a thriving, 24-hour destination that live music venues and traditional and creative industries call home – a ‘creative industry hub’ servicing the whole of Sydney.

6.12   Business and office premises in certain zones

(1)  The objective of this clause is to promote certain types of business and office premises in Zone IN2 Light Industrial and Zone B7 Business Park.

(2)  This clause applies to land in the following zones:

(a)  Zone IN2 Light Industrial,

(b)  Zone B7 Business Park.

(3)  Development consent must not be granted to development for the purpose of business premises or office premises on land to which this clause applies unless the consent authority is satisfied that the development will be used for a creative purpose such as media, advertising, fine arts and craft, design, film and television, music, publishing, performing arts, cultural heritage institutions or other related purposes.