In January 2014, the City of Greater Geelong adopted the Central Geelong Action Plan developed by the Central Geelong Taskforce .

Whilst not a dedicated live music plan, this initiative has some key aspects to it that align with important actions from Sydney and Wollongong to support venues such as identifying night economy areas and planning for venues, providing advice on compliance with Building Regulations, and encouraging the adaptive reuse of existing buildings.

Read The Central Geelong Action Plan

Endorsed actions include:

  • Establish an external Building Approvals Support Program for providing advice on compliance with Building Regulations.
  • Extend and actively promote the Future Proofing Geelong commercial buildingĀ  retrofit scheme to support investment inĀ  older buildings and create an innovative demonstration project.
  • view existing Urban Design Guidelines to ensure consistency with Action Plan directions and to provide policy direction relating to building over laneways and acoustic treatments,