Adopting 23 recommendations from the 2013 Thinkers In Residence report, in August 2014  Adelaide Council released their Live Music Action Plan 2014/2016

Read the Adelaide City Council Live Music Action Plan 2014/2016

The 2014/16 Adelaide Actions are:

  • Identify and legalise 2 ‘paste up locations in the City and North Adelaide
  • Adelaide City Council to create a specific ‘Live Music’ category in our What’s On section of the ACC website with a short URL to help promote the page events
  • Adelaide City Council produced marketing and publicity material with music content (that?) promotes South Australian Musicians
  • Adelaide City Council produced events including New Years Eve exclusively showcase South Australian Musicians and DJ’s
  • Civic functions and Lord Mayor special events programmed with South Australian musicians and community groups
  • Facilitate and explore the opportunity to establish an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music program as part of the 2015 Aboriginal Arts Festival.
  • Explore a sister city music program
  • Research and establish a public art project acknowledging South Australian music and pioneers
  • Engage local community forums and groups to promote the City and North Adelaide as a safe place to enjoy live music
  • Continue evening and late night safety partnership approaches including safe transport options, toilets, services and public realm management techniques such as footpath management
  • Review administrative processes and training in noise management practices supporting live music
  • Partnership with SACMAC to incorporate best practice regulatory reform.
  • Review the Noise Mitigation Standard Operating Procedures to ensure a proactive and balanced approach to events and activities that program live music
  • Facilitate temporary parking in loading zones to enable musicians to load and unload equipment
  • Create ‘plug and play’ opportunities across key council spaces and places including Victoria Square, Adelaide Aquatic Centre, Golf Links, Community Centres
  • Community development officers respond and build community connections to feature South Australian musicians at community street or square events
  • The Meeting Hall to be available as a rehearsal space throughout the year (subject to availability)
  • Adelaide Town hall is recognised as the Home Of Live Music, profiling and promoting our valued music hirers and programming ‘The Balcony’ as a live music venue during summer, showcasing South Australian Musicians
  • Adelaide City Council Live Music Reference Group prioritise existing documentation for review including: Noise mitigation standard operating procedures for events in parklands, Street permit and Liquor Licensing Policy Guidelines
  • Support SACMAC and State Government in regulatory reform that is responsive to the needs of Live Music
  • Update the 2006 Development Plan noise policies to reflect current standards through commencing a Development Plan amendment
  • Community Development Programs and sponsorship and grants recipients to support individuals, groups or organisations that can contribute to the live music strategy
  • Encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and groups to apply for Community Development Program sponsorship and grants
  • Events supported will mark significant community and cultural celebrations including Sorry Day and Spirit Festival
  • Live music spaces and places will be incorporated into sponsorship and grant evaluation
  • Multi-year and triennial live music partnerships to be considered by Council through sponsorship and grant recommendations
  • Enterprise Adelaide to work with the Music Industry through SACMAC to co-create the delivery of ‘Business development Workshops’ for South Australian Musicians
  • The City Activation Project will provide ‘seedling’ and ‘start up’ funding to foster creative entrepreneurial initiatives for South Australian musicians
  • In partnership with SACMAC identify awards programs recognising South Australian musicians across multiple disciplines
  • Helping Adelaide become a more vibrant and interesting place by assisting with licensing of small venues with less than 120 people
  • Express the desired land use, built form and movement outcomes envisaged for the city over the next 10-30 years
  • Plan for harmonious co-existence between different land uses
  • Provide statutory guidelines for the assessment of DA applications for music venues
  • Raise awareness and assist residents, developers, architects and designers in attenuating noise sources, (Noise Management Plan 2007 -ongoing)
  • Investigate and establish incentives to assist with advice or implementation of noise attenuation measures. (Noise Management Plan 2007 -ongoing)