Finally, we asked producers about how they managed external factors outside of their direct control, such as regulation and enforcement, and where they intended to invest in their business over the next twelve months. These questions were intended to provide a sense of how venues planned for the future and what they did to respond to change.

Producers most often identified equipment, infrastructure and related maintenance as important for investment in the next twelve months. Food and beverage offerings, promotion, performers, staff and stakeholder engagement were also reported. Some of this investment was related to noise abatement and other concerns over regulation and enforcement. Several producers noted that they could only afford to reinvest into the day-to-day running of their business and did not have available funds for capital expenditure.

Based on their responses, producers appear proactive in anticipating and responding to external factors affecting their business. Particularly in relation to changes in licensing regulations, many venues identified actively engaging stakeholders and putting in place preventative measures as effective strategies. A similar number of venues identified they would adapt, diversify and underwrite losses to keep operating; although this was often framed in a way that suggests they were resigned to having little control or influence. A small number of venues acknowledged they did nothing to manage external factors.