We also asked producers what they perceived as barriers to success for live music venues in their area. Venues in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide most frequently identified issues relating to government regulation and enforcement. While the specifics varied between cities, these included concerns over restricted opening hours, licensing conditions, sound abatement and the costs associated with compliance.

Costs, particularly rents, were also identified by several venues in Sydney as significant barriers to success. Venues in Melbourne, by comparison, were more concerned with competition, market saturation, location and gentrification. Venues in Adelaide were most concerned with gentrification.

In Hobart, venues identified location and market saturation as the main barriers to success, commenting on its smaller population, relative isolation and difficulties in attracting touring artists.

A small number of venues also identified issues relating to the management and operation of venues as barriers to success, though these were typically more to do with new venue owners’ actions and experience, rather than market imposed constraints.