Live Music & Events

  • The venue thinks you’re great and offers you a gig – what’s next?
  • Get everything in writing. Ask the venue to send through a contract or use our templates and send an agreement through to the venue.
  • Send the venue a ‘press kit’ that includes your bio, photo (make sure it’s a high res jpeg), website details, social media handles/usernames and links to your music i.e. Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc.
  • Visit the venue to work out how your show will work there. Look at the venue’s website and read media articles so you have an idea of what it’s like before you arrive.
  • As part of your agreement for the gig the venue should supply you a comprehensive list of what the venue has in production, what PA or mixing desk set up they have.
  • Check what production the venue is supplying (PA, mixing desk, lighting) and make sure it’s appropriate for your show. Usually this information is in the performance agreement. If you need something they don’t have, work with the venue to find a solution rather than be unreasonable.
  • Create a plan to promote your show. Be careful not to bombard everyone and don’t just rely on the venue to push the show. Instead, interact with the venue’s digital promotion by re-posting and linking to their website.
  • Send the venue your stage plot and inputs list plus what backline you’ll bring and whether you will be using the in-house operators or bringing your own.

Closer to the gig, reach out to the venue manager to discuss how things will work on the day of the show. Also ask for a ‘worksheet’ i.e. a document that outlines practicalities like the venue address, who to contact on the day, load in times and sound check times.