Live Music & Events

Venues often present live music as part of a larger event with multiple performances by bands and artists. We have developed a number of assets to help venues manage these.

Budgeting for an event is planning for success. Knowing where you plan to spend and what will require costs will give you a manageable overview of your event. The Venue Event Budget is an editable document that provides a guide to the costs involved and budget lines required to manage a venue- based event.

Venues often partner with sponsors to underwrite the costs involved in a larger event. These can be brand sponsors or product sponsors. When there’s an exchange of either goods or money, a sponsorship agreement should be entered into and signed off by both parties. Use the Event Sponsorship Agreement template can be used in these situations.

Every event needs good structure and management. An operations manual outlines an event’s processes and can become a handy ‘go to’ document to reference when needed. It’s also an essential tool for dealing with unexpected events and emergencies. Use the Operations Manual prepared here as a reference for your event.