Live Music & Events

How long has the venue been presenting live music for and what is the capacity of the venue?

11 years in current format. On and off for a long time prior. Our capacity is 853 for the whole venue (there’s Main Room, Four5Bar and Beer Garden areas).

How often do you have live music?

Live music is Tuesday to Sunday and sometimes Sunday and Monday for special events. Our venue is open 11.30am-12am Monday to Wednesday, 11.30am-1am Thursday and Friday, 9am-10pm Sunday.

Do you have all ages gigs?


How do you choose the types of live music you program?

We’re open to all genres but rock/indie/punk tend to work best in my opinion. How? Pretty much based on likely numbers through the door.

How does a muso get a gig at your venue?

Ideally have a full lineup/theme/promo plan organised. Email is best for me although Andrew doesn’t mind a chat on the phone.

What challenges do you face as a venue who presents live music?

Crowd numbers – the inconsistency makes it difficult to plan. Also production costs can potentially be the difference between a win and a loss.

Most memorable show at your venue?

For me personally, Teenage Fanclub.

What makes a great gig?

For me? Great music. For the venue? Great drinkers. For both? No dickheads. Obvious I know, but true.

How to you use digital and social media in conjunction with traditional advertising?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Aim to use both to maximum use.

Ticketing for live shows is changing. How do you manage access and ticketing to your venue?

Oztix handle our ticketing – they have exclusivity to at least 80% of allocations.

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