Live Music & Events

Production refers to the infrastructure and equipment used in live music. It’s important your production suits the size and capacity of your venue and is set up to work for a range of performances.

Most venues will supply a basic PA or amplification set up. This might range from two small speakers and a mixer, through to a full state of the art live performance rig including lights and onstage monitoring. If you’re not sure what you require, approach local production companies for an assessment and cost estimate.

Identify where the best space in the venue is for artists to perform. Think about where the entrance to the venue is, the location of power supply outlets, where the emergency exits are and how close the performance area is to a thoroughfare. It could be a raised area or you may want to build a specific staging area.

If you will be programming a lot of shows, we’d recommend purchasing ‘backline’ –i.e. a standard drum kit, bass speaker and amplifier, guitar amp and a few keyboard stands. This will make your venue an attractive option for artists.

Venues can also provide ‘in-house production’ i.e. someone that runs the technical side of the show for the venue. Usually the in-house operator mixes sound and lighting for artists for a small fee. Larger acts often bring their own operator. It’s good to have a list of local operators and live sound engineers that are available to bands to use as required. This information can also be listed on your website and in your venue’s worksheets.

Stage Plots are basic visual representations of how the artists set up will look at the performance. Showing the type and placement of equipment and performers.

Inputs Lists  show how many outputs the performer  will have on stage, its easier to think of an output as a sound source i.e. a guitar amp or microphone.

Both the stage plot and input list will make the artists performance, venue staff and sound engineer’s lives a lot easier. The venue should request a stage plot and inputs list from the artist or there representative a minimum of seven days before performance allowing for all parties involved to plan for the upcoming show.