Live Music & Events

Traditional Print and Poster Runs

Despite the digital age, printed media is still an effective promotional tool. Just know your market and focus on connecting with them.

Print advertisements in local papers and music press can educate the public on where and when shows take place. Use our sample media release and reach out to the events or entertainment editor of your local paper. The editor may be interested in writing an article on the artist and the venue. Often this goes hand in hand with a print advertisement. What’s important is you remember your audience – there’s no point trying to get editorial in a jazz magazine if you’re a folk act!

Poster runs or ‘pole posters’ can be a great way to advertise upcoming shows. Just be aware that some local authorities regulate where they are placed. Check before putting them up or engage a company to poster on your behalf.

A short run of postcards and flyers advertising upcoming shows can have a good impact. Deliver them to busy coffee shops, record stores, bars and cafes. Always get the permission of the business owner before leaving flyers in a shop.