Live Music & Events

It’s the day of the gig and your time to shine. To do that, have a plan.

  • Make sure you leave enough time to get parking near the venue and know where to load in your equipment.
  • When you arrive at the venue, introduce yourself to the venue manager, operators and staff. Supply your guest list to the venue manager.
  • Plan and write out your set list. Give copies to each performer and the sound engineer.
  • Liaise with the venue manager on where you can set up your merchandise. Make sure you get to the merchandise desk soon after you finish performing. It’s a great spot to meet fans and discuss the show. Have a signup email list to collect peoples contact details.
  • Once the show is finished, pack away the gear and load out. Then ask the venue manager for the gig settlement sheet. This document is a breakdown of the costs involved in the show i.e. the number of tickets sold, venue costs etc. Usually the funds will be transferred electronically to your bank account.
  • Make sure you leave a good impression – clear the stage and leave the green room is tidy. Thank the venue manager and tell them you would like to play there again.