Live Music & Events

What does live music mean to you?

Live music is the full manifestation or reflection of what is occurring in our culture at any given point in time. A form of art that is dynamic and for every type of person no matter where they come from or what they do. It’s a realisation of ideas that both challenge and move me.

Communing with a broad group of people in a space sharing an experience that captures a wonderful and sometimes confronting moment in time.

Why is live music important (generally)?

It’s a community experience which is important in the development of modern culture. The health of live music is a sign of an energetic, inspired and fulfilled community.

Every interesting period in the history of humanity has been accompanied by live music of varied types – a barometer of a time and place.


What makes for a great gig. “I love gigs where…”?

I love gigs where I see a broad cross section of the community sharing an experience, being moved – live music can turn a good city into a truly great city.


What needs to be done to encourage more live music?

Regulatory conditions need to be correctly implemented to allow for the live music scene to grow. The leadership of government is needed with a mix of policy that’s about affirming the value of live music and defends its elements.

For venues – first use, existing in allocated cultural zones, giving assistance with sound proofing are just a few issues that are important. Without the small heathly live music venues particularly, we lose important breeding grounds for young artists to hone their skills.