Live Music & Events


Issuing a contract or booking agreement before an event helps make sure everyone involved is on the same page. Often called ‘Artist Performance Agreements,’ they outline what the venue will provide and what the musician/s will deliver. This can include:

  • How much the musicians will be paid
  • Any costs associated with hiring the venue
  • Whether the venue provides a sound engineer
  • How much ticket prices are
  • How the musicians can access the venue to load in their equipment
  • What time the musicians can sound check
  • What time the musicians are expected to perform
  • Who is responsible for promotion
  • What happens if the show is cancelled

Arguably, the most important part of this agreement is the terms of payment. The three most common of which are called:

  1. A guarantee: the venue agrees to pay an agreed fee for the show in advance. This is the most common type of payment deal in live music.
  2. A door deal: the venue pays the artist a percentage of ticket sales for the show.
  3. A versus deal: the venue pays a guaranteed fee to the artist plus a percentage of the door takings once a certain amount has been reached.

Complex Artist Contract

Venues may also require a more complex artist contract. Usually this is necessary if the performance is part of a larger event at the venue. More in-depth terms and protections are outlined in the contract with specifics covering termination, insurance and media commitments.