Live Music Strategies – WA

As part of the March 2017 election, the McGowan Labor Government tabled a series of commitments to the music industry including establishing the $3million Creative Music Fund to support WA’s music industry. The fund will enable musicians and those working in the industry to build links between the local music industry and the national and international industry.

These commitments include a list of policies in line with issues identified by the sector in NSW.

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  • A McGowan Labor Government will make it easier for micro-festivals to take place across WA
  • New level playing field by cutting red tape for established venues and opening up opportunities
  • By cutting red tape to make it easier for established arts, culture and hospitality venues to stage micro-festivals, a McGowan Labor Government will support the expansion of their operations in an appropriate environment, over short periods of time.
  • Under the policy it will be easier for existing venues to activate remote off premise bars in their local communities, allowing them to maximise their business potential.
  • This initiative is designed to activate small spaces, such as laneways, streets, streetscapes, parks and open spaces with a diverse range of festival activity.
  • Under the plan the Liquor Control Act will also be amended to add a new public interest assessment category, which allows for a venue’s tourism, cultural and community benefits to be considered in license applications.
  • New planning reforms will also support live music venues and streamline approval processes for live performances, with the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority tasked to develop and manage additional live music venues, identifying government buildings which could be used as creative hubs/ case management in capital city council to ensure state government policy works