One of the biggest regulatory barriers to live music in Australia has been removed, with the commencement on Sunday 20 December 2015 of changes to South Australian liquor licensing requirements that remove the capacity for a venue licence to regulate instruments, genres, and numbers of musicians, under a new process.

A licensee will no longer require consent of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner or Licensing Court to provide entertainment between 11am and midnight on any day. However, a licensee will still require consent to provide entertainment outside of those hours or to provide ‘prescribed entertainment’.

Existing entertainment conditions will not apply between 11am and midnight.

This includes conditions previously imposed by the licensing authority as a result of conciliation following a noise complaint.

Conditions and approvals imposed on licensed premises by other Acts, such as approvals under the Development Act 1993, will not be affected by the changes and will continue to apply.

For more information, visit the Consumer and Business Services (CBS) website or download the fact sheet.