Sydney start-up Muzeek aims to  be a “Beautiful, streamlined booking technology built specifically for the live music industry”.

Muzeek is a software-as-a-service, B2B platform for artists, venues, bookers, agencies, promoters and managers who book events in the live-performance music industry using our unique, patented processes that streamlines, simplifies & optimizes existing booking operations to increase their revenues and decrease their costs.

The new tech company which was founded in 2012 were absolutely certain we could develop an easier, more convenient way of booking within this industry and we’re pretty sure that development is Muzeek.

Muzeek was built in 6 weeks, by 4 friends, from 3 countries, over 24 beers and 3 pizzas in the middle of an empty apartment tile floor in Bondi, Australia. We didn’t have any money for furniture so we used plastic stools and a white board. There mission to progressing the live music industry forward, to liberate itself from existing barriers to growth. Muzeek received recognition in 2014 by wining the Good Design Award, Australia, 2014

The functionality of the website allows artists venues, managers and promoters among others to send out private booking requests to the desired party and allows for the sharing of contracts, worksheets and other documentation, which automatically update and reflect changes on both ends of the spectrum.

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Image: Muzeek’s creators
L-R: Roel Pollers, Dave Robledo, Danny Fiorentini, Todd Andrews
Photo credit: Daniel Knott