Live Music & Events

Working With Venues

Working With Venues

The main aims of Live and Local events are to showcase the venues to the public and to demonstrate to the venue owners how live music can complement their business.

Promoting best practice principles throughout the event will demonstrate to the venue owners how a simple approach to live music can enhance their business and help put them in the hub of the creative community.

Directly approach each venue by phone and ask the owner/manager for a meeting to discuss the event idea. Before the meeting prepare a good brief of the event include maps and state which other venues you’re looking to include. It’s important at this stage that the venues feel comfortable with the professionalism of the event.

Outline that this is at no cost to the venue, it is about supporting them, the artists

and creating opportunities for venues to:

  • Engage with a broader customer base
  • Further engage with the music community
  • Gain Media exposure
  • Learn about live music programming
  • Learn about production that will work for their venue

Explain that you are hoping the venue will see programming live music as a success and they will look at hosting more live music in the future.

In the lead up to the event limit the contact made with the venue to only essential information and documentation, remember they have a business to run.